The leaders of South Sudan United Front Progressive,United Democratic Revolutionary Movement and Nilotia People Movement have raised concerns on the ongoing peace process facilitated by the Tumaini Initiative.Despite the initial promise of inclusivity and comprehensive dialogue during the opening ceremony at state house,the current trajectory of the peace process has deviated significantly from its noble cause.

South Sudan has endured decades of conflict and instability,resulting in immense suffering and loss of life.The civil war that erupted in 2013 and subsequent conflicts have left the country in ruins with millions displaced and thousands killed.Leaders like Gen Paul Malong and Pa’gan Amum whao are now central figures in the Tuamini Initiative played significant roles in these conflicts.Both have been implicated in the widespread corruption that has plagued our country.Their actions and inaction at the leadership level of the SPLM during the 2013 conflict have directly contributed to the prolonged suffering of the South Sudanese people.

General Malong notorious for his role in orchestrating violence and human rights abuse has been sanctioned due to his actions,including killing innocent civilians.Pa’gan Amum has been the center of political strategies that have undermined peace,stability ad national development.In order to end the war in South Sudan there must be international attention and intervention to ensure the peace process is inclusive and not dominated y those who ave historically contributed to the country’s turmoil.

Some the issues addressed include:

1)Exclusionary Practices

The mediators have raised concerns that the process primarily revolves around Gen Paul Malong,Hon.Pa’gan Amum and Gen Stephen Buoy Rolnyang.This is damaging the peace process and violates the spirit of inclusivity championed by both presidents.

2)Inauthentic Peace Initiative

The Tumaini Initiative has become a platform for a select few.It is meant to consolidate power under the guise of succession politics and to further their own interests.It is meant to serve selfish interests with Gen Malong’s intention to fight the president from the inside in the air.

3)Compromised Integrity Of The Process

The mediators appear to have succumbed to the self serving narratives of Malong,Pa’gan and Buoy.These individuals have contributed significantly to the current turmoil in South Sudan.Their involvement has perpetuated conflict and instabilty.Their selfish desire to own the Tumaini Initiative while regarding other opposition groups has strained the process.These three are serving their interests rather than the collective good.

4)Other important stakeholders that could have been at the Tumaini Initiative

Other political actors like Gen Thomas Swaka,Chairman of the National Salvation Front and General Simon Dual among others have justifiably rejected participation in this flawed process.The mediators failure to further persuade these leaders underscores significant weakness in the inclusivity of the peace process.

The chairman Gen Peter Gatluak said,”According to many we are a threat and we are here to speak out because we have lost blood while others have enriched themselves.We have human capital and that is why many have escaped to foreign countries.Let us think peace and advise our leadership correctly.”

The political parties call for the following actions:

1)Re assessment of the Tumaini Initiative by the presidents

2)Inclusive Representation

3)International Community Intervention


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