Boda Boda riders have been urged to be on the forefront with matters regarding road safety.

Speaking during 2021 Boda Boda Awareness Day held in Nairobi, Betsafe Managing Director, Victor Sudi said they have partnered with the riders to enhance safety.

“We urge all boda boda riders to have their tools of work with them always. Helmets and reflectors are key tools and should not be overlooked,” said Sudi.

He added that safety of both pedestrians and riders starts with the boda boda riders who form the part of the largest means of transport in the country.

According to recent statistics, a total of 1, 055 boda boda riders lost their lives as compared to 890 riders in 2020. While commenting on the findings, Sudi noted that despite some boda boda riders having helmets and reflectors, some decide not to wear them.

“As Betsafe we have issued more than 2, 000 reflectors to the riders in a bid for them to remain visible on the roads. We will continue to partner with them as we tour different regions for the safety awareness campaign,” he concluded.

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