Through the years, my parents have been our greatest heroes and mentors, their values, words, dreams and actions impacted Fidel and continue to impact Winnie, Junior and I. To our Mum, taking up both roles while Dad was in detention was no mean feat. A woman of VALOR to say the least. I can never celebrate you enough.

There are many words I could use to describe my father; however, these ones speak to me.

Raila Odinga is a representation of hope, endurance, resilience, patriotism, courage and sacrifice, the embodiment of the true Kenyan spirit. But above all these definitions, he is a tender and loving grandfather, a supporter of growth and fierce guardian of his children and grandchildren. He has taught and continues to teach us forgiveness, humility and respect.

I appreciate Daughters of Raila, Daughters of the Mountain, Warembo na Baba, Young Captains and all the daughters and women who have always vouched for “BABA”. If yesterday’s event was anything to go by, you are part of the reason he keeps hope alive. May he keep on inspiring us to greatness.

To all vibrant Kenyan youth, our future rests with you, as such, I implore you to always be your own person. It is what you do with the leadership roles you get that will define you, decide what legacy you would like to pass on to the coming generations.

And as we journey along, the question you and I have to ask ourselves and answer is; in whose hands are we safe in?






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