Lawyer Edwin Sifuna representing the Ndichu brothers Techies Eddie Ndichu and his twin brother Paul Ndichu and Philip Murgor who is representing the Murgor sisters Ms Cheryl and Ms Stephanie Murgor are now engaged in a vicious war of words after the matter in which their clients were caught on camera going for each other at a Hotel in Nairobi failed to be settled out of court.

Murgor says that Sifuna is using his political connections to tamper with the matter that is suposed to be moving to court by now, remarks that Sifuna refutes saying that Murgor is palying victim in a matter where his clients are the culprits.

Addressing the media from his chambers on Thursday flanked by his clients Ms Cheryl and Ms Stephanie Murgor together with their Mother Reginah Chepkemoi, Murgor says that his clients are being forced by the police to withdraw or compromise their complaints against the Ndichu brothers following advances from some quarters wanting them to drop the matter.

‘We have been approached by three different advocates, one of whom is also an MP, all seeking an amicable out of court settlement on behalf of the Ndichu brothers. One advocate, Mr Njenga Kiarie, from the firm of Amadi & Associates followed it up with a letter dated 26th October 2021, offering to pay for the repairs for the damage to the car belonging to Samuel Ramdas. We politely rejected all the overtures, and indicated that it was in the public interest that the case proceeds to court,’ Murgor offered.

He maintained that remarks by Sifuna that he was out to use  his clients to extort the Ndichu’s as malicious and out to taint his name.

He also said he had written to the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions and the Inspector General of Police calling on them to fastrack the case.

However, in his right of reply, Sifuna addressing the media shortly after Murgor’s said the letter addressed to the Director of Public Prosecutions by lawyers for the Murgor Sisters, ostensibly purporting to influence or direct the ODPP in the matter of the incident at Ole Sereni a few weeks back is in bad taste.

Sifuna said the Murgor Sisters must be reminded that the ODPP is an independent office not subject to direction or control of anyone, including famous uncles.

‘We have in the past raised the alarm on attempts by these lawyers to use “old networks” in the ODPP to intimidate the ODPP and DCIO Langata into leveling unsupported charges against the Ndichus in order to use those charges to blackmail them into settling a matter in which they are innocent.The public now has evidence of this in the long rumbling letter by the said lawyers.’ Sifuna shot back.

Sifuna added that further, the Murgor Sisters have failed to honor police summons to answer to their own charges of assaulting and causing actual harm to one Munira.

‘The Police have clearly been intimidated into extending preferential treatment to them because they carry a famous last name. We demand the immediate arrest of the Murgor Sisters failing which a formal complaint shall be lodged against the DCIO Langata.’ Sifuna added.

He also said that his clients have made no offers at all to settle the matter because they firmly believe in due process.

‘As such our position remains that we want to meet these extortionists in court. We will not negotiate with criminals. Be advised that all communication on this matter will originate from the undersigned and all inquiries or clarifications should be addressed to him.’ Sifuna said.

Murgor and Sifuna have both vowed to meet at the corridors of justice.

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