Person’s Living with disability led by Mike Makarina have now filed a petition to JSC seeking removal of Judge Anthony Mrima.

In the Petition, Makarina has accused Judge Mrima of of gross misconduct, and being incompetent by not checking into the evidence presented to him on the case involving Jimmy Wanjigi and the DCI Boss George Kinoti where Kinoti was sentenced to four months jail term.

He now wants JSC to investigate judge Mrima to know the benefits he could be receiving as they allege he was misdirected.

“The Judicial Service Commission be pleased to order the immediate suspension of the Honourable justice Anthony Mrima for his open show of bias, incompetence, corruption, misbehavior and misconduct in the exercise of his judicial functions in Petition no.520 of 2017 between Jimi Wanjigi & another versus Inspector General of Police and 3 others,” read the court papers.

Through his Lawyer Danstan Omari, Makarina says Judge Mrima ignored the role Kinoti plays in ensuring there is security in the country.

Further on, he said Policy guidelines on sentencing were ignored as the judge turned down his contribution as a key witness in the case.

“It is appalling and a clear abuse of the judicial discretion to have witnessed the accused judge run over the Director of the Criminal Investigations and to have convicted him to jail for four months without any other option for the decision of the court while being ignorant of the evidence,” said Makarina.

They claim if the guns are given back to Wanjigi, the life common people especially those who are disabled like him will be in danger because they have already been threatened.


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