Madawa Family Cries Foul As Music Society Of Kenya Halts Monetization & Orders Trio Mio, Exray and Saru To Remove Shughulika Na Kwako(Sipangwingwi) From YouTube

On Friday Madawa Family reported that Trio Mio,Exray and Saru stole the song Shughulika Na Kwako from them.

This accusation prompted the Music Society Of Kenya to halt any monetization of the song and to order the three artists to remove the song from YouTube.

This complaint also forced the organization to demand necessary compensation to the original composers of the song who are the Madawa family.

One of the members of the Madawa family said,”It is very painful to compose a song and to see other established artists steal our vibe and song.We demand compensation and justice.”

For those who would like to reach Madawa family you can reach them on +254 790 370013


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