Struggling city politician Richard Ngatia has been taught a tough and bitter lesson after biting more than he could chew.

The political novice who has been trying so much to catch the eye of Nairobi electorate through the weight of his pockets was forced to flee today after realising he could not afford to pay thousands of students he had mobilised.

In a turn of events, Ngatia, who is trying to run for Nairobi Governor, was seen sneaking out of a function at St. Andrew’s church where he had mobilized University students, who don’t vote in Nairobi, after he realized he was unable to pay them.

The comrades were by 9pm on Thursday still stranded at the venue as they had been duped.

Our reporters who were at the venue, captured every event on camera as the comrades demanded to be paid as promised.

Surprisingly, they had been promised a paltry Ksh. 2,500 but was raised to Ksh.5000 after bargaining.

The murky waters of Nairobi politics, needs seasoned and hardened politicians who know how to navigate, not those who bank on money to sway opinion.

The comrades, who were even paid by tear gas instead of money, have vowed to teach the embarrassed new comer a lesson by throwing their weight behind a more formidable candidate.

“We will Mobilize, campaign and vote for Tim (Wanyonyi). Not a conman who left us stranded with fake promises,” they were heard swearing.

This has happens merely a day after he left traders angry and hungry at Sagret Hotel yesterday.

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