1)Tell us about your latest song and project
The latest song I have done is a campaign song for the newly formed DAP-K party led by Hon.Wafula wamunyinyi

2)What makes you different(stand out) from other artists?
My style is different.
If you listen to the guitar, you can easily tell the difference between the songs I do and other luhya songs.
I am also investing so much in quality videos.

3)How is your upcoming album/ single different from the other ones?
This time round am going to do an album with luhya beats. The others have been very different from the luhya style.
But right now I want to try the normal luhya music.

4)How can you describe your song writing process?
Tricky, because I can come up with a song as soon as I get beats.
I dream while performing some songs and when I wake up, I write them down faster before I forget.
So I don’t have a specific process.

5)Many people shy away from music but what encouraged you to pursue music and did your family support you in the beginning?
Music is a Calling and it’s not for everyone.
If you do it for money, it’s only a matter of time before you give up. What inspires me is to become a household name in luhya Benga music.

6)What mark would you like to leave in the world?
I want my songs to remain and be celebrated long after am gone.

7) Describe us how you decide how your album will look like
Of late, am focusing on doing singles.
So to finalize an album, I group songs that match, or whose theme is almost the same.

8)What difference are you planning to make in the music industry?
Put local music on the global scale.

9)What quote/mantra do you live by?
The best time to start is now.

10)As your brand grows and develops how do you wish to give back as a public figure?
I want to nurture talent.
I want to make a studio and have upcoming artists record their audios for free.

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