The Empowered Youth Coalition (EYC) says that despite the ravages of the Covid-19 pandemic globally, coupled with the loss of lives and livelihoods, it remains mindful of and grateful for continued good health and protection.

EYC has also expressed their condolences to all the families in Kenya and around the globe, that have not been as fortunate and have lost loved ones.

‘May they find grace and strength even as we continue to face hardships caused by the pandemic. As groups involved in the protection of life and family in Kenya and around the world, we are particularly concerned about the increasing rates of deaths of mothers and unborn children in our nation and the horn of Africa through deliberate termination of pregnancy.No law-abiding citizen, medical provider, religious leader or politician elected under our constitution should support the deliberate killing of preborn children.’ They said.

The Coalition further said now is the time to properly re-orient government expenditure to focus on public health and mitigation of the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and other diseases on Kenyans and other Africans.

They added that the physical and mental health of Africans needs to be given priority, given that the people are the
time-bound investment of the Nation.

‘We, therefore, call upon: Our fellow countrymen and women respect and value all life, including the life of innocent
unborn babies, as is enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). Every termination of pregnancy before the viability of the unborn child destroys the life of the developing child, the life of the mother, and the lives of family and friends. Our religious and community leaders push back on the urging of legalization and
normalization of foeticide in our country. We must stand strong against selling the sovereignty of our nation and the continent to the highest bidder. It is high time religious and community leaders became more deeply involved in the selection and election of political candidates to ensure those who stand for the protection of life and family are voted in while those who support the killing of the unborn children or destruction of the family are rejected.’  The coalition said during a meeting they held in Nairobi.

They also asked medical providers to uphold their commitment to protect their patients and do no harm.

The coalition was categorical that every abortion destroys an innocent life–the life of the developing
child–and has serious repercussions for the mother as well.

‘Although sometimes it is necessary to deliver a baby early to save the life of a mother, resulting in the premature birth of a baby that may not survive, it is never necessary to kill a baby to save the life of a mother. Terminating a pregnancy by deliberately killing an unborn child, especially by a trained health professional, is immoral, medically unethical and unconstitutional in Kenya!’ They warned.

They asked parliamentarians, to reject bills in parliament that would convert our country to an altar of murder, especially those leaders who took office by publicly taking an oath before the almighty God of all creation to protect and promote the country’s supreme law, the Constitution. They further urged Kenyan Parliamentarians to only promote legislation that would seek to protect, rather than destroy, the right to life starting at conception.

‘Our Justices, to uphold the Kenyan Constitution. As written in Article 26 of the 2010 Kenyan constitution states that every person has a right to life and that life begins at conception. The term “abortion” in the constitution needs to be understood in its plain English meaning of “deliberately terminating a pregnancy” because the constitution is not a medical document. Whereas the constitution allows trained health professionals to give an opinion as to when a
pregnancy can be “deliberately terminated”, it does not allow for the termination of a pregnancy by deliberately killing the unborn person. The right to life of the unborn is well protected by the constitution and we urge you to keep your covenant with the Kenyan people by upholding the Constitution as drafted.’ They added.

They wished to remind all leaders in Kenya, and those across the continent; including at the AU, EALA, SADC and national houses in our nations, that the laws governing any nation belong to the people and are for the people; let us protect and pass laws that protect the common good.

They released 10,000 balloons that signify 10,000 mothers who have been injured physically, mentally, psychologically as well as lives lost to termination of pregnancy before viability of the unborn child each year in Iran.

They did that to join the Iran pro-life movement in solidarity and to stand united in sadness for the thousands of mothers injured and babies they have lost.

‘We also stand united in urging the Iranian government to uphold their laws and constitution and protect every life from conception through natural death.’ They concluded.


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