By Michelle Anzaya

The Disability Caucus of the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) drawn from all the 47 counties in the country have formally endorsed Deputy President William Ruto as their Presidential candidate during the forthcoming General Elections.

The Caucus led by nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura and Nominated Member of Parliament David Sankok say that they reached at the decision after scrutinizing Ruto who they say they found as God fearing, visionary, energetic, patriotic and committed to serve the people of Kenya, a gifted leader who stands talll against his competitors and nemesis.

‘While others represent the past, he represents the future.’ The caucus said.

They also thanked Ruto as UDA’s party leader for zero rating the nomination fees for aspirants with disabilities from MCA up to the Presidential position.

‘This has increased the political participation of us in unprecedented manner in the political history of our republic. As a result, 300 aspirants with disabilities have shown up to contest for various positions, including a young lady Tracy Wanjiru who is gunning for the presidency,’ they outlined.

They asked that UDA party considers that atleast 10% of all those who shall be given the nomination certificates to run as candidates, be persons with disabilities, in fulfillment of article 29 of the Convention of the Rights of Persons With Disabilities (CRPD), Article 54 (2) of the Constitution of Kenya that requires that 5% of all elective and appointive positions be for persons with disabilities.

‘In fulfilment of Agenda 101, Parliament should amend the elections act to provide for that 2 MCAs in each County assembly nominated, Man and woman to represent Persons With Disabilities. Currently more than half of the Assemblies lack our representation,’ John Odenge read part of the statement.

They also demanded that 12 nomination slots in the National Assembly, 4 of them should be reserved for persons with disabilities being two Male and two Female.

Further they demanded that the 2 Senate seats be retained as is, and not to be scrapped as had been proposed by the discreted and nullified by BBI Constitutional Amendments.

‘We also demand that UDA should formally entrench Disability Caucus in its constitution. Persons With Disabilities should be represented in the National Executive Committee (NEC) of UDA party. We shall also be retreating after the National Delegates Conference to develop a charter that will form part of UDA’s manifesto, defining the agenda and priorities that our government will address once elected into office come August 2022,’ they demanded.


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