Nairobi, Wednesday 23rd March, 2022: Nairobi gubernatorial front runner the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI) president Richard Ngatia has promised to solve the problem of traffic congestion in the city once elected governor at the August 9th 2022 general elections.
Ngatia, who is in the United Kingdom for a series of meetings with investment partners, said that the congestion which is witnessed everyday in Nairobi is a major course of air pollution and also causes economic losses.
“After a long day at work, the worst experience is to get in congestion with Matatus, enduring heavy traffic and pollution in the City,” Ngatia wrote in his twitter handle.
“We will solve the traffic menace, streamline and make city travel a worthy experience,” He continued.
Ngatia said that his administration would work to streamline the transport sector to ensure that the traffic jams are eradicated and transport within the city is flawless.
At the same time, Ngatia said that he will work on the city emergency response systems to ensure the county has more fire stations and is well prepared in the area of disaster management.
“We will ensure we have satellite fire fighting centres in major fire hotspots like Gikomba market,” He said.
“We are committed to offer solutions and we will strive to secure our business people, their wealth and families because we are Nairobi and we all belong to Nairobi,” he added.
Ngatia said that he desires to see a Nairobi that is a home of favour and tranquillity to all its residents and visitors.
Two weeks ago, Ngatia said that his administration would not phase out public transport vehicles from the Central Business District (CBD) but would decongest the CBD by developing other areas to attract traffic outside the CBD.
Ngatia spoke at a morning TV show noting that the problem with congestion in the city would not be solved by expelling public transport vehicles from town but by encouraging people to walk more.

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