The new non-fungible technology has split opinion in the art world, but its ability to raise money fast and in an open manner on blockchains where everyone can trace where the charitable donations are going is proving important.

This is evident as Impact Market continues to drum up support towards the UNICEF in supporting the refugees in war-torn Ukraine amidst the Russian military invasion which has led to casualties and pushed tens of thousands of Ukrainians to flee to neighbouring countries.

Through its Actionists approach, Impact Market signs up NFT’s holders who are changemakers having proved their dedication hence making an impact to the world through positive causes.

When you take action in the digital world, sustainable action will occur in the real world,” said Jimi Cohen, We Make Impact President. He further added that the ongoing conflict in Ukraine continues to leave the world shocked, but it has given rise to new NFT projects designed to raise money for the refugees and people of Ukraine. Often derided as worthless, NFTs are now showing a real purpose by raising much-needed money for charities.

In addition, the country has launched NFTs ‘Museum of War’ in crypto crowdfunding push. The ‘Meta History: Museum of War’ collection includes silhouettes of warplanes, a cartoon-style image of an explosion and screengrabs of news reports – each one marking a different day in the conflict. Ukraine says it has bought military supplies with crypto donations such as bulletproof vests, helmets, lunches and medicines.

Ukraine started auctioning off a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on Friday in an expansion of a cryptocurrency fundraising push that Kyiv says has already collected more than US$65 million for its war effort.

The UkraineDAO project which is backed by Nadya Tolokonnnikova (Image credit: Ukraine DAO)

Currently, DuGut App in partnership with We Make Impact, through Rotary International, WWF and UNEP facilitate 102% of what you pay to mint value in funding planting trees, providing access to clean water, aiding poverty reduction, cleaning up plastic waste, and protecting endangered animals!

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), which essentially means a non-replaceable digital asset is set to revolutionize several industries after its official launch. Though the NFT community of changemakers has been growing since December, for the first time in human history, digital art will now be just as valuable, if not more valuable than physical art.

NFT is currently undertaking a project called Tree Friends which is the world’s first NFT project where more than 100% of what people pay to mint the NFTs actually goes to charity. Rotary International is matching 2X all donations from the sale. “Holders of this NFT not only plant 200 trees in coastal Kenya with their purchase, they also get 3 years access to Digital Impact Festival, online mentorship, access to impact investors, a play to earn game with their character as their player and much more,” he concluded.

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