Kasarani parliamentary aspirant Captain Ronald Karauri has promised to develop the best hospital facilities within the constituency when he is elected the next area legislator at the August 9th general elections.
The betting giant SportPesa CEO said that it is in his heart to support the area of healthcare and he intends to ensure that Kasarani has facilities never seen anywhere else in the country with the aim of having a healthy population.
“It is in my heart. I have been working with SportPesa in supporting medical facilities in Kasarani constituency. When, not if, I become the next area MP, I can assure all constituents of Kasarani that we shall have the best hospital facilities for our people. It is possible and I believe this will happen,” Karauri said.
Noting that change will not come to the area by waiting for other people or some other time to initiate it, Karauri said that he had take it upon himself to be the one bringing the required change.
“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek,” Karauri noted.
The former Kenya Airways pilot has thrown his hat in the ring to unseat current MP Mercy Gakuya and will be contesting to bag the Jubilee party ticket. Karauri believes in empowering the constituents economically as well as developing modern health facilities.
Through the SportPesa Foundation, Karauri has been in the front line in stepping up healthcare by stepping up maternal health care donations.
Karauri last month led the foundation to donate equipment to Njiru Hospital where they gave a haemogram machine, an electric delivery bed, a patient monitor, commercial washing machine and BP monitors to the hospital’s maternity wing.
“We were elevated to a level 4 facility in December, this means that we need to be offering all round basic medical services without referring patients elsewhere, to do this we need a well-equipped hospital so this is a very great gesture from SportPesa,” said Rosemary Mideva, the head nurse at Njiru Level Four’s maternity wing.
Again Karauri led the company to extend support to Kasarani Health Centre’s Maternal and Child Health care section by donating a refrigerator, oxygen cylinder, salter scale, BP machines, height board, a cooker, and delivery pack, a bed for emergency deliveries, surgical gloves and masks.
“This is a great day for this facility. The visit and donations from SportPesa means more than we can express. We are very grateful for all of this.
“This facility caters to hundreds of women monthly and now with the equipment received we can do more to offer adequate services to the community,” Dennis Nthiga, the Facility in Charge stated.

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