Kasarani MP Aspirant Ronald Karauri has today visited ChemiChemi grounds for the second time since losing his expensive necklace ‘bling’ at the notorious grounds last February.
Karauri, a career businessman and emterprenuer, who is trying his hand in politics for the first time was at ChemiChemi Grounds in Njiru where he blamed high unemployment in the area for the rising cases of insecurity.
The businessman who heads successful gaming company SportPesa, one of the major sports investors in the country, entered ChemiChemi Grounds to a thunderous applause, with youths chanting his name.
“I am here to give you hope because I know I can deliver. Let us not leave politics only to politicians because we need to step up and solve the recurrent problems in our area,” said Karauri.
In his first meeting in the area, the flashy but humble businessman lost a chain to theft at the same grounds last month when a horde of youth mobbed him, seeking an audience with him.
On his second visit today, Karauri, a straight shooting but humble personality laughed off the incident blaming it on high joblessness. He promised to empower women and youth through loans and grants to address the high rate of unemployment in the area. Through this, he said, security will also be enhanced terming the rising insecurity a consequence of joblessness.
Karauri becomes the first of all the aspirants to actively engage and visit Njiru which is considered a volatile political zone given the high joblessness, bad road network and lack of several basic utility services.


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