Bitok Will Bring On A New Uasingishu

As nominations approach let us make it our job to nominate someone who has experience in leadership.Someone who has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt they responsible and can be relied upon to transform Uasingishu.

Amb Bitok has proven time after time again that he has the knowledge,skills and ability to transform our county.

Amb has a proven track record of exemplary performance and leadership abilities which is needed desperately in Uasingishu at this jucture.

He also has a history of giving back and is compassionate towards members of the community. This means even in office as our next governor he will continue doing the same and will continue reaching out to members of the community.

His charity work and philanthropy speaks for itself as he has been able to transform the lives of many people young and old in Uasingishu county.

With this track record residents of Uasingishu should vote and nominate him as our next governor.

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