Bii Paid Goons To Attack Bitok Last Year At Silverline Butchery

Amb Julius Bitok today shared scars he got after he was attacked by Chelilim’s goons last year December at Silverline butchery Eldoret.

Amb Bitok had stepped into Silverline butchery to enjoy his lunch after a long day of campaigning when he has pounced on by youth paid by Chelilim. Amb Bitok was beat up badly and had to be rushed to a nearby hospital as he fell unconcious.He sustained injuries on his head,chest and legs as the youth wielding machetes and pangas cut him badly.

Workers of the establishment stepped in quickly to save his life and successfully warded off the youth some of who were arrested.

They tried changing the story by saying Bitok attacked them first but CCTV cameras prove otherwise.They also went to an extent of faking injuries but the police caught their bluff and Teta(one of Chelilim’s major bloggers) ended up in more serious trouble for hurting then trying to frame the ambassador.

Moses Kiptoo one of the waiters at Silverline told us,”Amb Bitok was innocently enjoying his lunch we then heard a commotion outside a few minutes later a group of youth wielding machetes and pangas broke into the scene pouncing on ambassador. We quickly warded them off and rushed ambassador to hospital.”

David Kiprop the manager said,”We were able to identify that they were Chelilim’s goons through CCTV footage as Teta one of Chelilim’s leading blogger was leading the pack of goons.After rushing Bitok to hospital they tried changing the story by saying Bitok attacked them first but CCTV never lies.We submitted the footage to authorities.

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