NMS boss orders investigations into Parklands Multi-million constructions as NEMA warns of pending arrests.

Nairobi Metropolitan Services Director General Mohammed badi has ordered the department of urban planning to probe the ongoing contractions of building along the Taza lane in Parklands to ascertain if the followed the rightful procedures.

This happened after residents raised alarm over the safety of the structure, sewer line issue and the mode of approval.

They also had also asked Badi’s office to check the authenticity of the Construction Permit, architectural plans and the authenticity of the letter dated 10, September 2020 and signed by Fredrick Ochonda.

They have written to the National Construction Authority and now to the NMS prompting Mr.Mbadi to act.

However since the time the order was given by the DG, action is yet to be taken. Another order to stop the construction from the NEMA tribunal was ignored by the developer.

At the same time the National Environmental management Authority has called the same developer of plot number LR.NO209 /7549- Taza lane off park drive in Parklands to ensure that the safety of people nearby is guaranteed or he faces arrest.

“The Authority has received several complaints from you neighbor regarding dust pollutions and falling debris contrary to the requirements of the stipulated regulations,” the letter read in part.

The Authority warned the developer immediately stop all the constructions work on the site and put in place adequate measures and call the environmental inspectors for re-inspections.

However a spot check by our team realized that the work was on going and some structures that overlapped on top of the neighbor’s house had been erected as pictured in the photo below.

Residents now want President Uhuru Kenyatta and the entire government official to intervene and make sure that the constructions is done as per the law.

The contructions project is being done by the AMEEY HOMES LIMITED and other partners.

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