Born in 1970, Dr. Catherine Nyongesa Naliaka, a Clinical Oncologist the founder and Chief Oncologist at the Texas Cancer Centre has attended to so many patients and hence saved lives.

Most people describe her as humble and God fearing and w Doctor who is always ready to help.

“When you meet her, she is full of compassion, she listened and she has saved so many lives,” said Evans Kabuya, a city journalist.

Nyongesa was born from a humble background and lived her parents struggles a lot to educate her, thanks to her hard work.

Her hard work, our team found out that saw her perform extremely well in her Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education and she was admitted at the Nairobi University where she pursued her dream of being a doctor.

She pursues her Oncology Master’s degree in the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa. She is the first Oncologist in the country.

She has been using the media to educate the public on signs and dangers associated with all forms of cancer.

She has also acknowledged that the world has advanced in Cancer treatment in her past interviews.

“The world has greatly advanced in cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. But many are denied basic care and that equity gap costs lives,” Dr. Nyongesa said.

She has also reveled that in Kenyan cancer is the third leading cause of death and urged on the public to do frequent screening, check their lifestyle as way of taking precautions.

“In Kenya, cancer is the third leading cause of death after infectious and cardiovascular diseases” she said.

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