Kajiado residents have protested today following politician David Nkedianye’s land scams that have drooped their trust against him.

The residents have called on the directorate of criminal investigation, ethics and anti-corruption commission and the directorate public prosecution to delve deep into the matters and bringing the culprit into court of justice for trails.

They want the cases prompted for determination to save the residents’ and public public land from the grabber.

In 2014, the High Court had to order the then Inspector General of Police David Kimaiyo to appear before it on over the Nguruman land case or face arrest.

The summon concerned the case in which the Nguruman company sued Nkedianye and others for allegedly invading a private ranch in the county and destroying property.

Justice Charles Kariuki, of the Land and Environment Court sitting in Machakos, on  said it is imperative for the IG to appear in person to explain that he has not been unconstitutionally manipulated by politicians in the case.

Nguruman lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi had filed an application to have Kimaiyo arrested and brought to court for failing to honor summons.

The court had subsequently ordered Kimaiyo to remove the raiders from the ranch but he sent the Kajiado county commander to the court on his behalf to explain the position.

The residents have also warned that Nkedianye’s past incitement against other tribes who stay in the urban centres of Kajiado have triggered fear and mistrust among residents ahead of the August poll.

“We are calling upon Azimio La Umoja officials to be careful on whom they bring as the joint candidate for Kajiado considering that land issues in Kajiado are very sensitive,” stated on of the residents of Tuala area in Kajiado.

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