Okioma Leads In Election Opinion Polls



1.Hon Nyaribo 17,000
2.Hon Nyambati 4,000
3.Hon Kiangoi 10,000
4.Ben Momanyi 6,000
Dr.Mwancha Okioma 8,000


1.Ben Momanyi 15,000
2.Hon Nyambati 5000
3.Hon Nyaribo 6,000
4.Hon Kiangoi 7,000
5.Hon Bosire 6,000
6.Dr.Mwancha Okioma 22,000


1.Hon Nyambati 7,000
2.Hon Nyaribo 11,000
3.Hon Ben 13,000
4.Hon Bosire 7000
5.Hon Kiangoi 6000
6.Dr.Mwancha Okioma 14000


1.Hon Nyambati 18,000
2.Hon Bosire 8,000
3.Hon Okioma 53,000
4.Hon Nyaribo 5,000
5.Hon Ben 4,000
6.Hon Kiangoi 4,000

The winner will get a protest vote because majority of the residents of Nyamira feels that their county has been mismanaged and there is nothing to cerebrate as a county.

*Mwancha Okioma* will be the governor because of his role during the Tea and Coffee reforms.

His track records as Mp in kitutu 2002-2007 speaks  louder.

Okioma is Aman who left a legacy in kitutu and loved by Abagirango.


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