1)Tell us a bit about yourself:I’m T Cash a hip-hop and afro pop artist.

2)When and what first inspired you to pursue music?I was a in highschool when I started writing some music but I had the recording of my 1st song fight corona when I felt the urge of helping the society fight the pandemic through music

3)What challenges have you faced so far? The greatest challenge is limited exposure as a young artist that no one knows and recognizes your effort. And the second challenge is limited funds to invest in music to put my work on standard of competing locally and internationally.

4) Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? I personally believe in taking small steps at a time but I believe in 10 yrs to come I’ll be recognized for the good and educative music to change and inspire the youths that everything is possible if you don’t give up on what you believe in.

5)Whose your inspiration and role model? Growing up as a kid I was inspired alot by T I because of his good rap music and hard work but locally we have good artists doing a good job like PADI, shinski, mejja, trio Mio and many more.

6)What do you know now that you wish you knew when you were starting out? The experience I’ve got with time on music distribution, the maturity in my music, and the people I’ve known with time, if I knew all these the time I started, I would be very far by now but greatful for this far.

7)What message do you have for those that look upto you? My message for them is everything is possible. Coz when I look back it was not a soft ride and I’m not yet there but when you trust God, you may never know how but you have to make it.

8)What message do you have for your fans? My message for my fans is that I’m very grateful for the love and support they give me, I feel inspired to work harder just to make them proud. So let them know I love them so much and can’t thank them enough.

9)What would you like your legacy to be:l would like to be remembered as a young ambitious hard working guy who positively changed and inspired many youths through my music and charity work if God happens to give me the capability.

10)What are your social media handles?
YouTube: T Cash
Instagram: T Cash 254
Fb: TCM T Cash Music

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