By Nicholas Manduku

The Nairobi International Book Fair starts on Wednesday 28, September and ends on 2nd October 2022.

The exhibition comes two years after the COVID-19 stroke the universe paralyzing all physical meetings.

Kiarie Kamau who is the chairperson of Kenya Publishers Association says most publishers demonstrated resilience and gallantly soldering on.

“We are excited that we are holding a physical book fair in Nairobi after enduring the Covid-19 effects. NIBF is the regional marketplace for books, bringing together publishing professionals, authors, booksellers, media, readers amongst others from Africa and around the globe,” said Kamau.

NIBF has an admirable profile international followed closely by the Cairo Book FairThe chairperson for NIBF Maina Mary speaking to journalists in Nairobi said the exhibition attracts over a hundred thousand people.

“2022 brought good tidings for publishers as in June we were able to hold the first physical book fair in two years. The Nakuru City Regional book fair which actually exceeded expectations of those who of those who showed up,” Ms Maina said.

She added that there’s a book published on the “realities of COVID-19” which will enlighten people in future generations about the pandemic.

“KPA welcomes president’s announcement that a taskforce to review the CBC will be set up to identify the teething implementation problem, fix them and strengthen the curriculum,” she further added.

It was noted that the KPA us already preparing the memorandum to be presented to the taskforce.

Activities during the book fair include talks and seminars on writing, editing and publishing as well as granting publishers selling rights.

NIBF will also unveil various categories of Jomo Kenyatta/Wahome Mutahi Literally Prizes which are co-sponsored by the Madison Insurance Group.

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