Kikuyu Council Of Elders have condemned the burning and vandalism of Uhuru’s farm in Kiambu county on Monday.

The youth who arrived in numbers cut trees and carried 1,300 animals bringing the family’s loss to around 3million.According to reports the youth managed to access the farm through Kamakis.

The council of elders have urged the youth who vandalized Uhuru’s farm to apologize to him.Tension is high in the country after Raila announced that there will be protests every Monday and Thursday.

During the demonstrations some youth were accused and even caught on camera looting and vandalizing property.

According to reports in retaliation some politicians hired youth to retaliate by attacking, vandalizing and setting Uhuru’s farm on fire.Uhuru has been accused of sponsoring and funding the attacks by UDA.

Kikuyu Council Of Elder and former Transitional Authority chair Kinuthia Wamwangi said,”It is important to respect the property of our former president.He served us diligently for 10years making incredible milestones for this country.He deserves to be respected.”

He added,”For those who vandalized his property I would urge you to apologize so that your conscience is clean.It is only right to do right by your fellow Kenyan.”

Demonstrations in the country started on Monday leading to violence,looting and vandalism of property countrywide.This led to speculation that Uhuru Kenyatta was funding the opposition hence the retaliation attacks made on him.The Kikuyu Council Of Elders condemn this attacks to the highest degree and urge those who stole and vandalized the former president’s property to seek forgiveness.

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