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Nairobi City County Deputy Governor Njoroge Muchiri has inaugurated the liquor control and licensing board which amongst key roles will be conducting civic education and public awareness on the negative impacts of alcoholic drinks.

The new board will come up with programs for treatment and rehabilitation for people dependent on alcohol in the city at no or small costs.

“The Governor saw a potential in you and be sure we will make Nairobi work with this great team,” he stated.

The County Executive Committee member for Business and Opportunities Rosemary Kariuki cautioned the team to ensure there will be no cases of selling alcoholic drinks to children.

“Ensure no illegal and harmful liquor in your constituents. Children are the leaders of tomorrow, but letting noise pollution hinder them from studying in the estates,” she said.

Business and Hustler Opportunities Chief Officer Zipporah Mwangi said the department is lobbying for timely and quality services to Nairobians in a way that will ensure order and dignity in the City.

“We are in the process of reviewing the Liquor Act to remove ambiguity and the grey areas to be able to accommodate the new emerging needs such as noise pollution. I urge you to take time and familiarize yourselves with the new responsibilities in order to support the liquor board to deliver to its mandate adequately through the various ongoing programmes,” she said.

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