James Siele,is incompetent, can’t lead Kenya Railways corporation, KR Employee says.

Aformer Employee at Kenya railways corporation James Siele ,is aman under siege as his tricks have been exposed in the public.

Siele who worked at the parastatal and his contract expired, is now working behind the scenes with some dark forces to fight the current leadership at the helm of the corporation.

According to sources ,Siele is now eyeing comeback to take over as corporation Managing Director, even as the current MDs term of contract is still active.

According to an employee at the KR ,Siele’s contract expired long time ago and he refused to renew it ,due to his incompetence and lack of know how to manage the affairs of Railway.

“His dreaming to come back,yet he refused to renew his contract because he knew he can’t perform, “an Employee at the KR who sought anonymity revealed.

Siele who is business man is now being pushed by some politicians from Rift Valley to cause havoc at the helm of KR leadership.

The KR board is also keen to advise the president about the current MD Philip Mainga to finish his three year term contract as he has mastered how the entity operates,and they support his leadership stay in office.


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