The Association of Real Estate Stakeholders has received a significant boost with the support of popular artists. These artists, known for their various hits, have praised the establishment of the association, stating that it will play a crucial role in restoring confidence in the real estate industry, which has been marred by negative stories.

In a joint statement, the artists expressed their endorsement of the association and emphasized that they would only collaborate with real estate companies registered with the Association of Real Estate Stakeholders. They believe that working exclusively with registered companies will safeguard their brands and contribute to the industry’s integrity.

Moreover, the artists highlighted that the association will provide them with a platform to lodge complaints whenever necessary. They acknowledged the past blame placed on them for associations with unscrupulous individuals, but they are optimistic that the association will ensure they can work with peace of mind, knowing they are promoting transparency and accountability.

In parallel, Chairman Kinyua Wairatu of the Association of Real Estate Stakeholders has initiated a campaign to eliminate fraudsters operating within the real estate sector. He believes that the time is right for every Kenyan to own a home without the fear of losing their hard-earned money. Kinyua encourages Kenyans to invest exclusively in companies registered with the association to protect their interests.

The association is scheduled to inaugurate its office on Monday of the following week, signaling its commitment to providing a central hub for addressing industry concerns and fostering trust within the real estate sector.


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