A Real estate company has begun an ambitious campaign that seeks to make Kenyans own a plot despite their financial status.

CEO comfort homes dr Hezekiah Kariuki said the campaign dubbed Shamba for all is geared towards making every Kenyan a home owner.

“As a company we have realised that most Kenyans despite working Extra hard still struggle to own a plot. We have the solution for them. Just come to Comfort Homes offices situated at Information House Nairobi, we will ensure that you have a plot of your own,” said Kariuki.

Dr Kariuki a veteran real estate dealer with more than 15 years said that the biggest challenge that has been making Kenyans not own a plot of their own is beaurocracies brought about by the many land selling companies we have in Kenya.

“Unless you are filthy rich, it is very hard for you own a plot. There are some set out regulations that are so difficult for one to own a plot. As a company we have decided that this will not be witnessed again. At Comfort Homes we will sell you a plot that you can afford,” he said.

Kariuki says his dream is to ensure that all people from all walks of life plot owner.

“We want even Mama Mboga to be a plot owner. We are at the heart of the hustler dream. We want to ensure bottom up becomes a reality even when it comes to plot owning,” said Kariuki.

Currently, Comfort Homes has plots from, Kitengela, Embakasi, Olkalau and all localities near the capital Nairobi.

Comfort Homes under the wise leadership of its founder and Managing Director Dr Hezekiah Kariuki has continued to be the market leader offering Affordable plots in a bid to boost the Government’s pillar of affordable housing.

STARBRANDS OF THE YEAR Awards recognizes champions and the best of the best in its industry category based on current year market standing measured by consumer preference and expert analysis.

According to experts, East Africa’s real estate sector will continue to witness an increase in capital investment chiefly from international real estate funds and institutional players.

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