The Isiolo provision of water, improvement of  road network, security and better education to the people of Isiolo County have been enumerated as some of the key achievements of the county administration led by Governor Abdi Guyo.

Guyo has in the last 10 months since assuming office of Governor prioritized water supply and improvement of security in the volatile region as key in his administration opening his long list of achievements.

Under the administration of Governor Guyo, tens of water boozers were engaged to supply water for human and livestock in the heights of the devastating famine as a way of drought mitigation. The County government has also commissioned a water project at Cherab to address water challenges in the county.

To further address the biting water shortage problem in the largely dry county, Guyo,s administration secured a 150 million grant from the Water Trust Fund to support a sustainable water and sewage project under the Arid and Semi Arid Lands (ASAL) regions umbrella. The grant will be used to sink boreholes and other water projects in Biliqo Bulesa, Sericho, Gubatu, Irresaboru and Gafarsa.

Governor Guyo’s administration has also been credited with the procurement of a water drilling rig to address water challenges both for livestock and domestic use which is also in process. The construction of a grand borehole at Qone to supply clean water to Modogashe residents has been completed and piping of water all the way to Modogashe is in process, a development which is a milestone in the region.

The governor successfully lobbied for the tarmacking of the Isiolo-Merti road from the Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) in a joint support for Infrastructure a move that saw the road upgrade to bitumen standard approved. 

In addressing the food security problems in the county, the Governor has held discussions with various partners to fast track a better working relation and pool resources together to enable the county food secure through revival of previous irrigation scheme. The Governor has also led the initiative to help the women initiative in Kulamawe who now have their own Isiolo’s camel milk processing business.

As a solution to the biting food shortage arising from prolonged drought, the County government under Governor Abdi Guyo saw the supply of tens of trucks of relief food to cushion hundreds of families affected by drought.

There has also been improved security along the Gotu-Merti road for vehicles plying the route enhance security for travelers.  Further in the security sector, timely response to all incidences of cattle raids and putting up buffer zone along the county borders to deter cattle rustling and improve security has been approved.

The County has also lobbied for the provision of 350 Kenya Police Reservists and the additional reservists have been approved by the National Government. Governor Guyo is also credited with the lobbying for the approval of the construction of two police stations and several police posts in remote villages in a view to improve the security situation in the volatile County.

Te health sector has seen a provision of drugs to various health facilities in all wards and the procurement of medicine is now in its third phase.

When he took over as governor, the former Matopeni MCA and Nairobi County assembly majority leader appointed County Executive Committee members and Chief Officers to represent the phase of Isiolo by appointing people from across the ethnic divide.

Education has as well not been left behind as the county offered 50 students full scholarship to study abroad in partnership of Africa Aid. A Sh35 million bursary kitty was launched and is awaiting disbursement.

The opening up Isiolo south to north to allow free flow of people and goods has also highlighted Guyo’s achievements. The County Government secured Sh 250M funding from the Equalization Fund Kitty towards construction of Kubi-Galo bridge and the tendering process has been finalized ahead of the start of construction works.

The county has also set aside an entrepreneurship empowerment fund to assist the youths and women with start-up capital for business development.

The county has also engaged expert institutions for Surveys and mapping for mineral resources deposits in strategic areas in the County.

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