More Nairobi leaders have come out to condemn the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya anti-government demonstrations.

Nominated Senator Tabitha Mutinda Munene called on the opposition to cease using the youth in the demonstrations which she termed ill intentioned and in bad taste.

Speaking during a church service at the  AIPCA Bahati Cathedral in Nairobi’s Makadara constituency, the senator, who was an aspiring Nairobi Woman Representative contender in the 2022 general elections strongly condemned opposition chiefs in Azimio for advancing the demonstrations which have seen lives of innocent Kenyans lost and property and businesses destroyed.

“I would like to say that as a country we have ways to solve our issues and destructive demonstrations are not one of them. I urge the opposition to stop mis-using the youth for their selfish political gains and join Kenyans in stabilizing the economy,” Mutinda said.

The Senator said that it was high time Kenyans come together and work to rebuild the economy which was badly battered when the Kenya Kwanza government took over.

“When you see President William Ruto telling us to support the finance act, he is not stupid. There will be benefits at the end. After all, the President wants votes again and he can therefore not lead the country astray,” Mutinda noted.

Kenyan leaders have come out strongly to condemn the protests which have left a wave of destruction and loss of lives in different parts of the country.


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