A woman commonly known as Celestine Nguna Waweru is on the radar of investigative agencies over her secret dealings within government Agencies.

The woman, according to the officer following up on her dealings has also infiltrated the supply chain of Constituency Development Fund across the country.

The company that she uses to operate as recorded by the investigative agencies is known as Africa Memsap Technology Limited which she has used to maouver the government supply chain to con and bag millions through illegal means.

The company was recently paid Sh 1.5milliok as a compensation over death of her staff known as Fanuel Oketch who died at ICD centre in Nairobi.

Investigative agencies are trying to uncover how she got compensation payments for her staff yet the family affected is still pursuing the same.

A lobby group that is pursuing the same case will be moving to court to seek justice to the deceased family member.

“We are moving to court. This is unacceptable. Where on earth such incidents do occur, yet she pretends to be a member of the church choir,” said an irate member

The money, according to documents in our possession was paid by CIC insurance company. She secretly bagged the money without notifying the deaseced family.

The woman in question, according to some of the staff who talked to us on anonymous requisition is always greedy and willing to do anything to get big money deals.

Some staff who refused to be quoted by willing to pursue the matter in court said that they’re being mistreated, harassed at work at sometime they are not paid on time.

Photo Courtesy: Nelson Mandela Okello in office.

“Actually we have been wondering when will this come to an end. We are not well paid, huge deductions are made and when we raise an issue she threatens us for being sacked.” Said one of the staff

Her company, Nguna Enterprises supplies newspapers at Kenya Ports Authority and is on police radder for faking papers.

The company claims to be dealing with cases of disability yet it’s operations do not indicate anything of similar nature.

It is only one member whom she doesn’t pay and lives in squalor.

The source added that the woman brags of her high end connections within government circles and that no one can intimidate her.

“She says she is untouchable and daires anyone who critic her to take her in the highest court in the land” the source said.

Celestine Nguna Waweru who deals with several companies among them African Memsap Technology Ltd.

Nguna was recently paid Sh 1.5m as a compensation over death of his staff Fanuel Oketch who died at ICD Nairobi.

The money was wired by CIC insurance company but due to her greediness she diverted the funds and bought herself a car

She is fighting a divorce case in court with his husband who is also a church members at winners chapel in Tudor.

Ngunah enterprises limited that supplies newspapers at Kenya Ports Authority is also on police radder for faking papers and registration under disability yet no one has any disability.

She talks big alleging that she is untouchable and well connected.

Her social life escapes are unmatched with live photos depicting her engagement with cartels at Kenya Ports Authority. An engineer by the name Elijah is one of her boyfriends.

She is also dating a younger guy by the name Nelson Mandela Okello an IT guy who does all her dirty.

Further investigations reveal that a KPA staff by the name Silvan Mghanga is the one who receives her orders at the coastal port have since fallen out over business squabbles.

When we contacted her over the compensation money for her deceased staff, she admitted knowing her but denied to disclose other information. She switched off her phone to avoid further interrogation.

“Yes the deceased was one of my employees. I am calling you back shortly.” She said.

The woman has for long played mind games but investigative agencies are promising to soon bring her to book.

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