Alick Muvundika is the director at the National Institute Of Scientific & Industrial Research

Alick Muvundika is the director of the National Institute For Scientific & Industrial Research in Lusaka, Zambia.Under his leadership the institute has had immense success in different sectors especially the energy sector.Zambia is known for having astronomical deforestation rates and to solve this problem,Mr. Muvundika introduced energy efficient stoves reducing deforestation greatly but carbon emissions as well.

“I developed interest in climate change a while back and that is what has fueled my success.My goal is to make the world a better place by reducung deforestation and carbon emissions.I want a safer world for future generations.”

He also advised the youth stating,”If you decide to do something do it to the best of your ability and have passion for it.I want to contribute to this cause because I love it and it will benefit the entire planet.”

Mr Muvundika is a national figure who is admired and respected immensely.He was involved in the first energy efficient stoves roll out in Zambia.It is now in major towns across the country.His vision is to see this duplicated all over the world because this will reduce emissions drastically.

He credited his father for his success and cited him as his inspiration and role model.He also urged more countries put in the necessary structures so that they can be able to participate in the carbon market.


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