Once celebrated as Kenya’s top music producer, Clement Rapudo Sijenyi,alias Clemo has quickly turned into a merciless cartel at City Hall where he is serving as the Chief Officer City Culture and Arts.

Clemo is celebrated as a revolutionary in the entertainment industry after co-founding Calif Records that ruled and triumphed over every other label.

His appointment to the docket at City Hall was seen as a game changing decision by Governor Sakaja with talented youths in county immensely getting optimistic that Clemo will advocate for their rights and help them achieve their dreams.

But that is not the case with revelations indicating the music icon has now assimilated himself into the cartel web at City Hall where he is chasing deals and quick fixes to enrich himself.

It has emerged that Clemo has cut deals with too entertainment players in the city where millions are being allocated for entertainment events organised by the county.

He is also minting millions from artists who grace events organised by the governor.

According to evidence at our disposal, the former music producer together with other officers had already planned to siphon millions from this year’s Nairobi Festival scheduled for December.

The inaugural event was held last year and lasted for six days at Uhuru Park where Nairobi residents got  entertained and exposed to Nairobi culture.

Just like last year, this year’s event is scheduled to take placer between December 12 and December 16.

Clemo’s plan is said to have hit a snag with the procurement department said to have questioned some of the proposed spending and payments to seasoned artists earmarked to perform at the festival.

According to our sources, Clemo has been questioned for quoting double the realistic amount supposed to be used in every category to make the event successful.

Our source said Clemo is quoting as high as Sh3million to be paid to musicians who will perform for less than ten minutes with a plan to get kickbacks.

He is also working closely with informal Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) drawn from the entire county with some believed to be proxy micro firms linked to him and other senior officers at City Hall.

Some of the firms participated in Nairobi International Trade Fair and are now being used by Clemo and his cartel to get questionable tenders.

This is happening at the expense of genuine youth groups that have unsuccessfully applied to tenders at the County Government.

Word doing rounds at City Hall has linked the resignation of journalist Willis Raburu as the Chairman of the Nairobi Festival Committee to his discontent with what Clemo and other officers were doing but chose not to expose them.

Raburu left the position without giving much details as to why he resigned.

“This morning, I have officially informed the leadership of the county that I will no longer be serving in my current capacity as the Chair of the Nairobi Festival Committee. It has been an honour to work alongside Governor Sakaja and his administration, and I would like to express my deep gratitude for the trust and opportunity that they have extended to me during my time here,” Raburu announced.

He said the decision to leave the post has been driven by “a recognition of the pressing need for systemic change to enhance the effectiveness of our service delivery and leadership.”

Some of the documents in our possession indicates that even the companies Clemo is using are closely associated with and they did not meet the standards of being given tenders at cityhall. 

But it’s not just Clemo who is siphoning millions. His partner in crime at City Hall is Chief Officer for Health Facilities Geoffrey Mosiria who was installed as the Abagusii community spokesperson in Nairobi County.

The two are said to have looted millions to organise the installation ceremony held at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC) and attended by Governor Johnson Sakaja.

Mosiria was mandated to speak on behalf of the community in the Capital City by the Kisii council of elders. The decision was not welcomed well by senior ranking Kisii politicians in the city among them former nominated senator Millicent Omanga.

Mosiria has also bee linked to a number of corruption scandals where County Hospital’s superintendents are colluding with officers at the county to loot.

Some of the Hospitals where he is believed to be making a kill include Mbagathi, Mama Lucy and Pumwani.

Both Clemo and Mosiria are close buddies to Governor Sakaja and often drink together at Sakaja’s private residence in Riverside.

“We have declared that the voice of the Abagusii community will be represented by Mosiria,” said the Council of Elders chairperson Araka Matundura during the Thanksgiving service.

The move has now attracted detectives from DCI and those EACC where investigations have been launched.

A senior detective privy to ongoing investigations added that they’re even scanning some of signatures used and those found capable full force of the law shall be applied.

“It is true we have those documents and we are at advanced stage. Investigation is broad. Everything shall come true as days go by.” He added 


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