LG Electronics ongoing “Life’s Good Challenge” continues to receive excitement from individuals sharing how LG products have introduced positivity into their lives. The Challenge encourages participants to reflect on the life-enhancing experiences they get from using LG products.  

The challenge is still open to all residents of Kenya who wish to participate. Entrants are invited to submit their stories via the Life’s Good Zone microsite, or through LG’s official website

“We believe that LG products bring moments of beauty and happiness to their users,” said LG Electronics Managing Director for East Africa, Dong Won Lee. “Through the Life’s Good Challenge, we seek to celebrate these moments and foster a community of positivity all around Kenya.”

Participants are encouraged to share their stories in written form, accompanied by any relevant media such as photos, videos, gifs and hashtags. Submissions will be judged based on their creativity, sincerity, and ability to convey the essence of LG products in their lives. More credits will be issued based on popularity amongst readers, and participants are encouraged to share their unique posts within their social media circles for a wider reach.

Winners will be announced via LG’s different social media channels, with exciting prizes, including electronics like LG’s Neochef Microwave ovens being issued out.

More details are available on the LG Life’s Good Zone microsite, accessible via: https://www.lg.com/eastafrica/about-lg/lifes-good-in-action.


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