Explore 156 Chinese Tales: 'Hello, Chinese' Unveils the Rich Tapestry of Chinese Culture

The Chinese language teaching program “Hello, Chinese” is currently being broadcast on the ST Guide and ST Sino Drama channels of StarTimes.

The show will provide audiences with a more convenient and efficient way to learn Chinese through the high-quality educational resources of the Center for Language Education and Cooperation, a non-profit education institute affiliated with China’s Ministry of Education, and the experience of StarTimes in Africa.

StarTimes Premieres "Hello, Chinese" Program to Facilitate Language Learning in Africa

It aims to inspire the audience’s enthusiasm for learning Chinese and to build a new bridge for cultural exchange between China and Africa.

The 156 episodes are microcosms of 156 Chinese stories. From ancient wisdom to modern innovation, from beautiful mountains and rivers to bustling cities, the show showcases the glorious history of Chinese language and culture through the screen.

The representative Chinese contents are selected and presented to African audiences. These episodes will be introduced by the host from Gabon, conveying the charm of Chinese culture in a way that is closer to the local audience.

This show will lead audience into a charming and interesting Chinese world.

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