Ready for Progress: Ocean View Ridge-Vipingo Master Plan Receives Approval

Optiven, a leading real estate developer, recently celebrated the successful registration, approval, and sign-up of the Ocean View Ridge-Vipingo Master Plan at all levels.

The company  CEO George Wachiuri expressed profound gratitude to God for this milestone, marking a significant step forward in their development project.

He said the approval for the Master Plan and the change of land use from agricultural to residential has paved the way for the next phase of the project.

Optiven is now focusing on processing sub-title deeds for each plot within the development. We have set a target to have individual deeds for every property ready by the end of July, meeting their earlier promise to investors and homeowners, ’Wachiuri said.

Following the completion of the first gate, Optiven is now gearing up for the construction of the second large gate as part of the infrastructure development within the Ocean View Ridge-Vipingo project.

Additionally, Wachiuri said plans are in place for the construction of a stone perimeter wall to enhance security and delineate the boundaries of the development.

Optiven has announced changes to the offer price effective from August 1, 2024. Interested parties can find the projected prices on the company’s website,,” he said

Furthermore, Optiven is extending its services to offer a comprehensive 360-degree solution to customers. The company is now involved in building homes for clients across all their projects, providing end-to-end support in the home ownership journey.

Details about this service can be found on

Optiven emphasized its commitment to walking with clients until they achieve their homeownership goals, whether it be for personal use, rental, or resale.

The company positions itself as more than just a real estate developer but also as a partner, advisor, and financial ally in helping clients attain a respected status in their communities.

For inquiries and further information, interested individuals can contact Optiven via phone or WhatsApp at +254 790 300 300.

Additionally, they can access special offers and assistance through the company’s AI Bot available across Africa.

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