The members of Nairobi’s Yasego Sacco Society are a worried lot after the ownership tussle of a 54 acre land, which belongs to the members found its way to the floor of the National Assembly as two private entities seek to defraud them off the prime property.

The members of Yasego have pointed an accusing finger to the leader of the Majority in the National Assembly Kikuyu MP Kimani Ichungw’a who they allege has been compromised with a Ksh 2 million to raise the matter, already in court to the floor of parliament.

In the land tussle, members of Yasego Saooco Society report that the parcel of land, located along the Northern bypass between Windsor Hotel and Thome Estate rightfully belongs to the members and that the Kikuyu legislator is blatantly lying as he colludes with the two firms namely Meron Ltd and Langton Investment Ltd who are said to have obtained fake title deeds to the land and are now claiming ownership.
Yasego Society representatives Stephen Otieno Ouma, Joyce Nyakero and George Kimutai say that the land in question rightfully belongs the the members of Yasego and that the members having been given the land ownership by the original owner, they went ahead and obtained the title deed before two companies came in to attempt grabbing the land.

According to Stephen Otieno Ouma, who is the chairman of Yasego Society, the land belongs to Yasego Society, which is made up of founding members who were previously casual workers in the farm initially owned by a white man called Julie Kohlengberg. The foreigner had registered the estate under the name KOHLENBERG FOUNDATION.
“The founding members were previously casual workers in the farm initially owned by a white man called Julie Kohlengberg. When Kohlengberg left the Kenya, he surrendered the title deed to his workers as a token of appreciation and compensation for their long service to him. These members thereafter formed a Sacco and acquired a title for the land and have occupied the land peacefully for more than 30 years,” Ouma said.

On different occasions in 2022 and 2023, Meron Limited and Langton Investment Limited approached Yasego Society in the pretext of helping them develop the land but unknown to the members, the private companies had ulterior motives to grab the land.

Meron Limited and Langton Investment are said to have taken advantage of the Yasego Society members’ ignorance and processed fake title deeds to the 54 acre property. Now word has it that Kimani Ichungw’a has been compromised and has pocketed Ksh 2M so that he can raise the matter in parliament whereas the ownership tussle remains active at the Milimani Law court vide court case ELC case number E10 of 2024.

The members of Yasego Sacco Society are now calling for justice against the MP and the said land grabbers who have assumed ownership of the land belonging to the members.

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