A list of 27 companies and firms that are beneficiaries of suspect and dubiouspayments at City Hall can be revealed.

Details of how the companies were paid millions of shillings between June and July 2023 have emerged with most of the companies having direct links to Sakaja appointees and staff holding senior positions at the county.

The details paint a picture of how City Hall loots without mercy to the suffering public and distraught city residents who are reeling from the poor leadership the Sakaja administration has been blamed for.

From the documents seen by this writer,the first set of companies cumulatively got paid Sh 290,331,364  million on 13/07/2023 at the time the county had received over 70 billion from treasury just before the end of the 2022/2023 Financial Year.

This was a record breaking money heist with an insider source revealing that the county may have lost close to Sh500 million in the same period as the finance department rushed to spend the money through irregular payments before the official start of the 2023/2024 FY.

A second set of companies whose directors and managers are well known to the governor was also paid Sh 60,942,854 million.

Some of the companies in the first set include Lakev Enterprises Ltd. Which is linked to one Kevin Musamia but run by Felista Queen Akosa as a proxy.

The company was paid on July 13 2023 a whopping amount of Sh 15,478,448.30 and another voucher amounting to Sh 8,967, 692.40.

Musamia is currently working at the county as a clerical officer and is a close friend to the governor.

Another county official Mohamed Bashit who is the Deputy Director for trade benefited from payments made to IStanbul Investment Company which was paid Sh 15,227,107.75 on July 13,2023. He also has several companies that were paid huge amount of money through hot-air supplies.

Bashit was investigated for faking documents before cooperating Chief Officer Finance Asha Abdi of passport number CK20706 to effect the payments.

Another company Northern Rock Investment was also paid 19,652,172.40 for work that cannot be authenticated and City Hall was once flagged by the Auditor General over the same.

The company which deals with construction work is linked to senior government officers.

Brighton Pharmaceutical also benefited from fictitious payments totaling to Sh18,500,000.00 and it’s not clear what the payments were for considering the county procures medicine directly from Kemsa.

Senior officers who have been investigated over dubious payments include Asha Abdi, Martha Wambugu, Kevin Musamia, Mohamed Bashit, Nairobi City County Assembly Speaker Ken Ng’ondi, accounts Vincent Muhanji, Stephen Mafura, Denis Muia who is a close ally to Asha Abdi and does Workplans.

Kevin Musamia-the clerical officer at the county.

In November 2023, EACC summoned 11 officers for grilling at its headquarters.

This was in relation to theft of amounts totaling Sh.60 million.

The commission has also been following up on suspected dubious payments of Sh100 million paid to proxy companies associated by senior county officials.

The officers who were summoned are Francis Irungu (Supply Chain Management), Rachel Mutambaki (security), Nelly Odanda (Human Resource Department), Alex Kayera (Administration HR), Augustine Wafula (Devolution), Alukwe (Administration, Aggrey Sagwa (Supply Chain), Leonard Biwot (Supply Chain)Joshua Kimeu (supply chain).

Others are Caleb Obumba (supply chain and Bernard Owiti (Human Resource).

This comes a day after the Nairobi City County Assembly was petitioned to investigate circumstances under which the county issued a fake Local Purchase Order for the supply of 60 phones.

The company, Equipeit Enterprises was contracted by the county’s Innovation and Digital Economy department to supply 60 Samsung Galaxy S23 ultra mobile phones at an exaggerated amount of 375,000 each.

The company blamed County Executive Committee Member in charge of Innovation and Digital Economy Mike Mayo Guyo for issuing them with LPO 0015995 which turned out to be a forgery and unauthorized.

This is despite the company having delivered the said phones and now at the risk of losing Sh20,000.

“That whereas,we were issued with a Local Purchase Order (LPO) Number 0015995 by one Mike Gumo, the Nairobi City County Executive Committee Member in charge of Innovation and Digital Economy for the supply of sixty (60) Samsung Galaxy s23 ultra mobile phones at a price of Ksh 375,000 each,” the petition reads in part.

Mohamed Bashit- deputy director trade


One the many companies owned by Mohammed Bashit-the deputy director trade Nairobi city county

Company                             Date paid              Amount

Lakev Enterpises               13/07/2023          15,478,448.30
Lakev Enterprises              13/07/2023          8,967,692.40
Yehg Logistics                      13/07/2023         17,542,241.40
Brighton Pharmaceutical    13/07/2023        18,500,000.00
Istanbul Investment Ltd       13/07/2023        15,227,107.75
Remont Services Ltd              13/07/2023        13,226,000.00
Wesca Enterprises                  13/07/2023        13,139,482.75
Zaas Enterprises                      13/07/2023         13,184,335.85
Jowa Agencies Ltd                   13/07/2023         14,078,017.25
Rar Awamimtech Ltd               13/07/2023         18,868,965.50
Duli Enterprises Ltd                  13/07/2023         19,652,666.40
Northern Rock Investment      13/07/2023         19,652,172.40
Zafi Traders K Ltd                      13/07/2023          19,654,091.40
Niftique General Suppliers Ltd   13/07/2023        19,652,715.50
Westrift Holdings Ltd                    13/07/2023        17,345,984.50
Rafseq Traders Ltd                           13/07/2023       17,075,431.05
Absit Enterprises                               29-30/06/2023

Total                                                                                Kshs.  290,331,364

SET 2 

FREBERY CONSULTANTS        6,020,102
LENNOTA MERCHANT –        8,889,000

Mohamed Bashit-Deputy director trade forging signatures

The county is currently under great threat since its accounts were frozen by Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA). The controller of budget Margaret Nyakang’o had also slashed Nairobi city county Supplementary Budget for the financial year 2023/2024 and Revenue Authority (KRA) froze Nairobi City County accounts over Sh 2.8bn.

According to a report by CoB Margaret Nyakang’o the county did not meet the required threshold of the Public Finance Management Act.

County staff have not received their salaries up to this time.


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