We Make Impact has launched Impact Rugby which is geared towards nurturing the next generation of strong mind and body Kenyans. The try outs for the program will run throughout the month of February in Kibera and Mathare areas of Nairobi where a total of 150 children, ages 12-18 years are expected to be enrolled.

Speaking in Mathare, Isaac Cohen, President ManyMangoes and Co-Founder We Make Impact said that the program is aimed at developing the next generation of players who are not only physically fit, but are also mentally and tech-wise fit.

This, he said, will ensure the children from such underdeveloped areas will tap in to the full potential of technology and link with the global market at a glance. “We are looking forward to creating an amazing generation of children who are wholly fit. The technology will enable them learn computer skills which in turn will enable them to earn a living,” averred Cohen.

Throughout the year, the We Make Impact non-profit and team will be raising funds for Kibera and Mathare Rugby Comugo Tec Tournaments and Empowerment programs. He added that “Every month, we will be donating 1x ultra-fast Rasberry Pi computer to the winning club. (Maximum 1x computer per club).”

In addition, all of the boys and girls participating in the tournament will get access to abundance of technology, marketing, sales and data training content. Cohen added that the trainings will purely be based on how to get the best out of rugby, computer skills, health and wellness.

The highest performing health ambassadors and learners will get an opportunity to join the world’s most influential NGO, Rotary International Interact Membership Program.

We Make Impact is in talks with rugby organizations such as Shamas and Kings Rugby Development Academy (KRDA) on how best to correlate on the program.

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