Nanyuki town, the only major town sitting along the equator is set to experience massive changes following decision by a major real estate firm to invest in the area.

Being a highly desired region from as far back as 1903 when most white settlers started to call it home, the town has been welcoming all and sundry.
They camped there for their holidays and it’s no secret that up to date, this is a top destination for amongst other reasons, road trips and sight seeing.
This strong Nanyuki’s magnet comes as a result of many factors. They include the close proximity to Equator, which makes this place’s weather lovingly warm. Then there is the views, the wildlife and tranquility of this region.
Following requests by Optiven customers, the firm decided to venture there.
The initial plan was to get small spaces but requests for Bigger and Better spaces got more with time. Now Optiven is here with solutions.
George Wachiuri, Group CEO at Optiven says, “The venturing into Nanyuki is in line with our aspirations to create 30, 000 jobs by the year 2030. The expansion is not the only one. We have also ventured into Malindi and Naivasha. This means more jobs for Kenyans, and more taxes for both the national and country governments”.
Dubbed, The Great Oasis Gardens- Nanyuki the project is set up to bring business to Nanyuki. Ranging from Airbnb, hotels, schools, restaurants, hospitals and much more.
Optiven is therefore looking for business people, entrepreneurs, career professionals or those who want homes in a great area no too far from the Nanyuki CBD. Here people will enjoy proximity to basic infrastructure, water , security and other value additions . Wachiuri adds, “we will make this possible by availing 1 acre & 5 acres portions, creating wealth step by step and the development by individual property owners will create hundreds of jobs.”
Optiven is planning to set up a fun park for children just like what they did in Kajiado. The park will create 300 direct jobs and 500 Indirect jobs.
Other available spaces will be value added to allow those who will buy to develop.
The project has interesting aspects key of which is registering interest with Zero deposit & No financial commitment . You only need to express interest and your fortunes start counting. Why ? “Those who will register will get a very good deal for these value added spaces in Nanyuki Township. They will be updated on frequent basis on the project progress”, adds Wachiuri.
Optiven has been in the market for 22 years with a vision of being champions of social economic transformation. The company targets to be in 20 Africa countries by the year 2040 and has already made inroads in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
When over 350 investors from Kenya visited DRC for a fact finding mission, Optiven signed a partnership deal with Groupe Resolution from DRC and together they will offer affordable housing and land value-addition.
The partnership is to be undertaken in two phases at an estimated cost of USD15 million.
Other than doing business, the company has massive philanthropy initiatives that give hundreds of scholarships to orphans across 47 counties. The Optiven Foundation has other programmes such as ‘Mobility that brings a smile’ and ‘Go green na Optiven’ among others.
The company has been on the forefront in supporting communities and on economic side, the company has supported over 10000 people to settle
Optiven is widely remembered for integrity and caring for its customers.
Recently, the firm refunded its customers more than Sh200 million for greenhouse project that stalled in Kajiado County after its partner pulled out.

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