Roots Party of Kenya Presidential hopeful Prof. George Wajackoyah remains relentless about his policy of legalising hemp if elected the president in the upcoming general elections.

Speaking today in Nairobi, Wajackoyah averred that the crop remains one of the God made crops which has both a high medicinal value and high income for commercial purposes.

“I will ensure that we have around 10,000 acres under bhang cultivation by Kenyans. The income from its sale will be used to settle huge debts which the country faces at the moment,” he said. He added that “Kenyans will be independent and have money in their pockets since the crop fetches very high prices across the globe. Poverty eradication will be achieved through such initiatives which have worked in other countries including Canada which earned over $80 billion in the last year from bhang proceeds.”

He further stated that he will make use of all civil engineering students and the armed forces engineering battalion which has expressed amazing work ethic in the city. “Kenyans have the capacity to work and revamp the economy. We will implement and enforce policies to streamline our economy.

The Prof. challenged all political candidates to join their clarion call to introduce death penalty for those convicted of corruption cases as this vice is very deeply entrenched among Kenyans.

He concluded by his promise of suspending the constitution and operate like lame duck constitution, Israel, United Kingdom, Canada , Australia and New Zealand who operate smoothly without a written constitution. In addition, he reiterated his commitment of introducing official working days to four days in a 24 hour economy.


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