Kajiado gubernatorial hopeful David Nkedianye was delt a major blow after ODM MCAs and Women Aspirants declared support for incumbent Joseph Ole Lenku.

On Thursday,. minority leader Daniel Naikuni led yet another group of defections and declarations in favour of Lenku,who is now clear favourite to clinch the Jubilee Party ticket.

This happened at Naikuni’s home in Nkoile,Kajiado Central Constituency.

Naikuni said that all the five ODM elected MCAs in the county will back Ole Lenku because of his development track record and in appreciation of the handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga.

” We are going to work together as ODM and Jubilee and our business now is to support the reelection of Ole Lenku and Raila Odinga as our Presidential candidate,” Naikuni said.

The governor also received endorsement from the Purko community, ODM and Jubilee female aspirants and various women groups.

The leaders assured Lenku of support from the larger Kajiado Central which has traditionally voted in favour of ODM and it’s candidates.

The Purko community in Nkoile ward has am estimated voter population of 5000.

The governor welcomed the support,noting that his aim is to bring all leaders in Kajiado together under the Azimio La Umoja banner.

” I want to congratulate Naikuni and his team and everyone who has decided to work with us.We are in Azimio and our purpose is to be united and work for the people,” Lenku said.

Lenku called on Kajiado Central residents to rally behind Azimio La Umoja Presidential candidate Raila Odinga.

” Our candidate is Raila Odinga because Azimio is preaching peace and harmony among people for the sake of Development and that is what we all want,” Lenku said.

The latest development is a big blow to Nkedianye who resigned from ODM for Jubilee and he is increasingly getting it difficult to find a soft landing in the party.

Woman Representative aspirant Pricilla Sailebo described Nkedianye’s move as a sign of indecisiveness and cowardice from the former governor.

” We want a leader who takes a firm stand on issues and not one who is jumping from one place to another,” she said.

Majority leader Ole Moipai of Jubilee party also graced the event.

Kajiado has 41 MCAs with 31 currently backing the reelection of Ole Lenku who will face Nkedianye in the party primaries.

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