Not sure of what to get your dad this Father’s Day? Here are seven easy ideas that will make sure your gift continues to spoil him long after the day has passed.

1. The personal touch
A touching way to tell dad how much he means to the family is to get him a personalized gift to show him just how special he is. Something that you know he would hold dear to his heart.
A simple idea is to get him a framed photo collage of memorable moments of the two of you or the whole family. If he is an avid reader, a collection of books by his favourite authors would be appropriate. A nice watch or pair of shoes, too, if he is keen on keeping up to date with the latest fashion trends.
Remember to include a handwritten note or a card with the delivery, telling him how special he is. It is the cherry on top-it just shows how much thought you have put into the gift. It’s really the little things that count!

2. Fun experiences online
If your dad doesn’t have much free time, give him fun online experiences he can dip into. Airbnb offers a wide variety of exciting Online Experiences, with tours, classes and interactions with experts worldwide. There’s a host of options to suit all tastes, such as a virtual wander around the Taj Mahal with a local guide in India, meeting a real-life shark scientist, getting a guitar lesson from a world-touring artist, or doing a full-body workout with a Taekwondo champion. It’s affordable and fun, and new experiences are added on all the time.

3. Keep him fit
Get him a gift that will motivate him to get out more and engage in outdoor activities.
For instance, if he loves to play golf, why not upgrade his golfing equipment? If perhaps jogging and walking are his ideas of keeping fit, sportswear is a good place to start – a pair of sneakers or a set of tracksuits will make sense. While you are at it, add a smartwatch or a fitness tracker to the mix.
As our parents grow older, we should ensure that they are making the right lifestyle adjustments to keep lifestyle diseases at bay, so do whatever is possible to get them moving more.
If he is generally a sports enthusiast, why not upgrade his TV for him and pay an annual subscription to sports TV channels to keep him entertained?

4. Electronics and gadgets
Gadgets are always a sure win with dads.
There’s always an accessory that the techie dad would like to add to their collection. Online stores like Sweech have a wide variety of items to get for them. From Bluetooth speakers, phones, laptops, and tablets to other car, home, and audio accessories.

For the adventure-loving dad, get him trekking poles and hiking boots if he enjoys this activity. Ensure he has the right gear for safety purposes. A good trekking pole will help with stability and reduce the strain on dad’s joints. He may also appreciate having an additional set of camping chairs, sleeping bags, or portable grill.
Whatever you get for your dad, you can be sure that he will love it!

5. Set his music free
If your dad’s music collection consists of scratched CDs and chipped plastic covers, give him the gift of musical freedom with a Spotify subscription. With more than 82 million tracks available on the streaming service, he’ll be able to access anything from 70s soul anthems to Rhumba numbers and smooth R&B, and expand his musical horizons as new artists are suggested to him every week. The platform also offers more than 3.6 million podcast titles, so whatever his interests are, he’ll easily be able to find hundreds of shows he’ll love.

6. Allow dad to chill
Give your dad the gift of time off by getting him help for some of the household chores he’s yet to get around
to doing. Book a gardener from SweepSouth to come over and spruce up your dad’s outdoor area and clean the external features of the house like windows and doors and while at it, wash his car as he relaxes. Give your dad the satisfaction of walking around the house on Father’s Day, making a list of items needing to be fixed, knowing that he doesn’t have to do it!

7. Deliver treats
If you’re miles away from dad, consider booking him a home delivery of foodie treats. It can be anything from wine to whiskey or a meal from his favourite restaurant, but even a simple selection of choice meat cuts and healthy foods  (schedule an early delivery to his house on the day), will be a huge treat.

Whether your dad is a fun dad, wise dad, strong dad, sweet dad, or kind dad, he’s your dad, so make him feel like the best dad of the day.

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