Education experts Dr. Rosa Ko and Noah Miller are set to launch a Ko Academy YouTube channel with serious education programs in the next few weeks.

Speaking to a section of the local media, the two said that the T.V channel will be an eye opener and of great importance not only in Kenya but also to other African countries.

“The Ko Academy TV intends to launch a YouTube channel in the coming weeks and will be of great use to many people,” said Noah Miller.

Miller added that the channel will also have an adaptive learning app for mathematics and will allow students learn some skills.

“The App will give learners from across Africa an opportunity to access high quality and affordable learning materials and this will be a game changer,” he said.

Dr.Rosa Ko the co-founder of the academy said that the channel will give everyone who will participate a chance to enlighten him or herself.

“I strongly believes learners will appreciate the learning process as a means to enlighten themselves, it now the time to fix the education sector across the African countries,” she said.

The two educationists have been championing for high quality education emphasizing that alot needs to be done to help the graduate to fit in the current market.

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