Ambassador Zhou Pingjian visited Egerton University today. He was warmly received by Egerton University Vice Chancellor Prof. Isaac Kibwage and enjoyed his tour of the Agro-innovation Park, Belt and Road Molecular Lab, and Confucius Institute.

Prof. Isaac Kibwage in his remarks thanked Ambassador Zhou Pingjian for the awardees of the Chinese Ambassador Scholarship.  

The beneficiary students were feted by the Ambassador who issued them with certificates. The Vice-Chancellor took the opportunity to ask the students to work hard as a return on investment made by the Embassy.

He further appreciated the establishment of the Ksh100 Million Road and the Belt Molecular Laboratory in the Faculty of Agriculture-CHS Department.  This is a Laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment that is not found in any other institution in the country. Currently, the lab is being used extensively in advanced Crop and Livestock Research by staff, students-CESAAM, TADEV among other areas of research and partners like KALRO, and other Universities.   

“We sometimes allow other Universities to come and use this equipment in their studies, we charge a fee for maintenance purposes,” said Professor Richard Mulwa, the head of the Lab, as he took the guests around the facility.

In the “Ask the Ambassador” session, Ambassador Zhou said that Egerton University has offered an opportunity for students to learn Agricultural courses that can propel their country towards food stability. He recounted how China takes agriculture seriously and is using technology to produce food for local and commercial use.

“In our childhood, we could go hungry. Most young people do not know how it was difficult in our younger days, but the People’s Republic of China has worked hard and grown her economy to 18% of the global GDP cumulative average,” Said Ambassador Zhou Pingjian.

The ambassador said that they will continue supporting the education and agricultural sectors so that Kenya can grow her food basket.

Professor Isaac Kibwage noted graciously the support by the Chinese government in building the Agro Science Park office complex and provision of Irrigation facilities. These facilities have supported the development of new crop varieties.

The support at the Agro-Science Park has also facilitated Farmer-technology Transfer, especially the China-Egerton Demonstration of technologies. The offices also host Chinese visiting research collaborators.    In order to advance research, Professor Kibwage invited the Visiting envoy to support the University is acquisition of modern technology and equipment to be used across the faculties of science, Agriculture, Education, Natural Resources and for improving Agro-Science park technologies.


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