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The police is now warning Nairobi City County Assembly Sergeant-at-arms against causing chaos at the Cityhall premises come next.

The sergeants are on the spot for planning chao and mayhem.

The sergeant at arms led by Rashid Osenje are against the speaker and the board decision to have section of inspectorate team be incorporated in the assembly to security.

Rashid the wild and former political goon has vowed to teach Speaker Ken Ng’ondi and Clerk Edward Gichana a lesson come Monday.

The greedy sergeants do not want officers from inspectorate whom they claim will deny them chance to go for trips.

“Huyo spika na Clerk watajua sisi ni kina nani…Kwani wanataka kuleta inspectorate hapa kufanya Nini….lazima mtu ataenda nyumbani Monday wachungane na sisi sana wajinga hao.” Rashid told his fellow sergeants at the assembly.

“I will fight Ng’ondi and his board mpaka Mwisho wanafikiria sisi ni mafala hao maofisa wa Tony wapeleke Kwa boma Yao sio hapa ..wanataka kutudeny kuenda trips Kwani wao kina nani…kitaeleweka Monday staff wote mjitokeze.” Rashid added.

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