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Senator mutinda awards icdl schorlaships to e graders at the proffessional centre.

Senator Tabitha Mutinda has awarded ICDL scholarship to young deserving members of the        e graders. During the unveiling of the scholarships, she stated that digital skills in today’s world is the game changer in society in which every person should acquire despite the school grade one has acquired in high school.’ These youths here today should be able to use technology to advance their lives and gain skills to enable them to join the work force in the rest of the world’. She added that the awardees are going to be equipped with computers to support their studies.

Senator Mutinda who is also a champion advocate for education also realized that the students who have scored low grades are usually not recognized hence she called for support for young generations through platforms such as this.

The senator also emphasized that as a mother, one cannot know what her child will get in school when you are giving birth. She attributed cases of suicidal and mental issues of the young generation to neglect by both the parents and society.

One of the beneficiaries for the scholarship, Mr. Ayub samba stated he was very happy for being awarded the scholarship and he truly appreciated because the senator illustrated a bottom- up approach for reaching out to the e graders.


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