Wilson Njoroge Gakuya, the Chief officer- Revenue Administration in the Nairobi City County Government

A Nairobi City County Revenue Officer who has been grossly accused of embezzling funds meant for the County Government in South C has continued to operate as the county authorities seem to look the other way on the case.

The Lang’ata Sub County Revenue Officer, Ann Wambui is faced with allegations of corruption and non-remittance of funds

In a shocking revelation, Wambui was reported to the police for allegedly fleecing the county government of millions of shillings in South C following public outrage after several video clips were circulated in the social media showing Wambui harassing traders in the Estate.

A report was filed at Akila Police Station, highlighting Wambui’s corrupt malpractices within the area.

Wambui has been accused of collecting revenue from various sources but had failed to remit the funds to the Nairobi County Government. In the video, in our possession, Wambui is seen confidently daring traders she harassed to report her to Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja, displaying an utter disregard for any potential consequences.

However, the authorities, despite media reports on the allegations on Wambui, have continued to look the other way as the daring revenue officer continues with her routine harassment of traders.

When we contacted the Nairobi City County Chief Officer for Revenue Wilson Gakuya, only asked us to “allow us (Nairobi County government) to investigate and revert” asking us if there was any specific incident documented on the allegations. However, when we shared one of the videos with Gakuya, we received no further correspondence.

Our team sought to have Gakuya’s side of the story on the allegations before publication and what actions had been taken on the officer.

According to our sources, Gakuya summoned Wambui to his office last week over the issue but details over any actions taken have remained scanty.

Wambui has been openly boasting of the protection of Gakuya and his office noting that she has no regrets as she shares her illegally gained income with her seniors and hs pocketed the revenue chief officer. Wambui brags that her enterprise will outlive the regime.

Sources indicate that Wambui’s primary modus operandi involves collecting cess fees from lorries transporting building materials. Instead of depositing the money into the Nairobi County government coffers, she colludes with drivers and truck owners, keeping a substantial portion of the required fee for herself. Only those drivers and truck owners who require receipts for accountability purposes have refused to participate in these illicit payments, insisting on paying the fees as required by law.

Aside from her involvement in embezzlement, Wambui has also gained notoriety for her arrogance and mistreatment of her subordinates and traders in the areas under her jurisdiction.

A spot check indicated that the Nairobi County Government has been loosing revenue as compared to the income collected by previous regimes. Conspicuously, the business friendly area is lagging way behind in revenue collection as the personel in charge of the revenue department keep a blind eye on the rogue business by rogue officers.

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